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Product Information

Images & Photography

All product images and photography are representative to the actual product as close as possible, however, there may be slight variations on the occasional product or varying style. Photos used on product images and packaging are supplied to us via the original manufacturer (license holder). It is common for the same packaging and product images to be used worldwide, even when the item/s sold are a regional variant. This is mostly applicable to our décor range of quilt cover sets where manufacturers use one product image for all size variations of that product, especially in regards to pillowcase size and the quilt pattern/placement or design, which may vary to the item supplied. 

Minor Imperfections

Occasionally, décor items such as quilt cover sets and curtains, may have minor print or fabric flaws, especially where natural fibres are used. Please note these items are not always eligible for replacement and you may be offered compensation instead. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Size Guide

Please read the following size guide chart graphics for approximate measurements or alternate sizing scale for clothing, shoes and hats. This information is a guide only.